Today is deadline to decide on the registration or reject the application for senten election.

Total According to the meteorologist, the heat will soon dry up. The temperature reached me and 36 degrees. Because of this, the risk also increases.

Aeroclubs and flying bikes this morning spread to letiti Ln near Pilsen 56 aircraft on protest against the filling of the runway and the take-off of the railway. Request that the flight be maintained, that the runway, which is fully functional, is not demolished, and preferably that the flight be slightly extended.

We will follow the developments around the Chinese military exercises including spikes in the waters and airspace surrounding Taiwan. she started the maneuvers on Thursday morning and continued until Sunday. This is happening after House Representative Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan on Tuesday, which angered Beijing.

Russian president Vladimir Putin to meet the Turkish counterpart By prescription Tayyip Erdogan in the Ernomsk resort of Soi.

The court in Ufa will hear the case of Russian member Yuri Yevuk, who was accused of discrediting the Russian army. The evuk fell out of favor with the Russian public when he declaimed in front of the audience at a concert that the country is not Putin’s and should be praised.