On Thursday, it launched several ballistic missiles into the waters around the island and sent 22 fighter jets along the line, the long strait between Taiwan and the Chinese mainland. Taiwan’s air force was on alert due to a brief violation of airspace, the country’s Ministry of Defense said. Several Chinese rockets also fell into Japan’s economic wave.

We are preparing for the wolf, but let’s not look for it, the Taiwanese army responded to the manifestations of women’s voices in the dark area around the island, The Guardian website reported on Thursday. The maneuvers around the island should last until Sunday. According to Taiwanese experts, this actually means a blockade of the earth’s air space.

The current and future countermeasures are necessary defense countermeasures, which are diligently invited and evaluated, and are exchanged for the protection of national sovereignty and security, the Chinese state CCTV television quoted Foreign Minister Wang I as saying.

Washington claims from the beginning that the Pelosi’s trip to Taipei does not contradict the long-term American policy, which is also represented in the UN by Beijing. don’t think so though. According to Meng Xiang-ching from the National Defense University, the current situation is actually suitable for him. In fact, it created very good conditions for us, and in the future we will have five strategic environments that are beneficial for our union, said the foreign expert on state television.

nsk Day of Wrath

Beijing, however, proved its hot mind several times on Thursday. It started to go awry in the context of later events. The fact that she canceled the bilateral meeting between the Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi and his Japanese counterpart Joimasa Hajai. They were supposed to meet at the fourth meeting of foreign ministers of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

The reason for the cancellation of the meeting was the following declaration of the most advanced economies of the world G7, including Japan: There is no justified day for war to serve as a reference to aggressive military activities in the Taiwan Strait. International trips of our country’s leaders are normal and normal, they said in their statement in response to Pelosi’s minister’s trip abroad to the countries of the G7 group.

Russia sided with us in the international environment. It was (from the Pelosiovs) an absolutely unnecessary act of aggression and an unnecessary provocation, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

After this incident, ballistic missiles were launched near the Macu archipelago. It falls under the jurisdiction of Taipei, but it is scattered not far from the Chinese run. According to the Taiwanese Ministry of Defense at first, several ballistic missiles landed near the northeastern and southwestern coasts of the country. The rockets crashed into two training areas in the immediate vicinity of the Taiwanese coastal waters, which alerted the two.

A little later, Chinese strikes violated Taiwan’s airspace.

The tension in the area is growing

In addition, the American aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan should arrive in the area. The USS Ronald Reagan and her strike group are en route to the Philippine Sea and are continuing routine, planned operations in support of a free and open Indo-Pacific, US Navy spokesman Nicholas Lingo said on Thursday.

This could lead to an escalation of tensions in the area. That is why, according to Reuters, the Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs filed a request to control themselves and compared their behavior to North Korea’s actions.

Not long after, five Chinese ballistic missiles hit Japan in a wave of economic chaos. That salary and up to a distance of 200 nmonch miles (370 km) from the city. Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kii said to whom the country had submitted it through diplomatic channels. According to analysts, only st.