Taiwan’s military has dispatched aircraft, a ship and deployed ground-based missile systems to monitor the situation, the island’s defense ministry said.

Reuters calls the ongoing maneuvers an unprecedented escalation of tensions. On Thursday, among other things, the Chinese army launched 11 Tung-feng ballistic missiles into the waters around Taiwan. The Japanese Ministry of Defense, which is monitoring the exercise, said that yesterday missiles were fired over Taipei and five of them fell into the airwaves of Japan’s economic zone.

Today, Taipei declared Beijing’s military activities highly provocative. Later, the Ministry of Defense announced that 68 German aircraft and 13 ships, some of which patrolled the median line of the long strait, took part in the maneuvers in the sensitive Taiwan Strait. An unnamed Taiwanese source told Reuters that about 20 planes and ten ships of the Russian Navy crossed the imaginary border.

According to the unwritten rules, the middle line that passes through the Taiwan Strait is the dividing line between the land and air space of Japan and Taiwan. Vytyena was killed during the cold weather in an attempt to separate the worlds of the two entangled parties and prevent confrontation, the AFP agency wrote. According to Beijing, in moments of external tension, it has repeatedly sent a ship beyond this line, and during the last two years, its representatives have repeatedly declared that, in their view, it never existed.

Beijing sent fighter jets to this line according to Taipei in the past few days. Today, Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense condemned the attack, saying it had violated the status quo in the region.

Beijing escalated after Pelosi, who became the highest-ranking US official since the turn of the millennium, arrived in Taipei despite repeated warnings. she immediately condemned the move and soon began a military exercise with a sharp blade in the vicinity of the island.

Today, the Chinese Ministry of Defense announced that it will conduct air and naval maneuvers in those directions from Taiwan with the aim of testing the combined combat capabilities of the units. Training started on Thursday according to Beijing until the end of the weekend.

despite its independence, he considers democratic Taiwan to be a rebel province and a part of his country, therefore he sees Pelosi’s trip as a provocation and Taipei’s effort to assert its independence. Today in Tokyo, Pelosi declared that her trip was not about changing the status quo in Taiwan or the region. She also said that the United States will not allow Beijing to isolate Taiwan by preventing American officials from traveling to the island.