Vondrek addressed the incident on Twitter on Thursday evening, while Fiala and Rakuan commented on the situation in the morning.

I am completely disgusted by the public information in connection with the action of the R Police in Borovany. I will therefore send the whole thing to the General Inspection of the Security Corps for review, he wrote Geek. I will not allow the members of the R Police to disobey the laws of this country and respect its democratic principles, he added.

Vondrek will be asked to explain after the head of the South Czech police, meet him in the morning, he added. From the public report on the Respekt server it turned out that a non-uniformed policeman was knocked down on a bicycle who took Babio’s speaker and took him to the office. According to the server, they refused to take his mother with them.

The attack against the stamp in Borovany drew criticism on social media, similar to the action of non-uniformed policemen in connection with the attack on Babi’s rally in the Krumlov Eskimo.

They took the woman protesting against Babi from the event to an unmarked car and took her to the office. The police stated that the procedure and tactics of the police officer were subject to internal checks and that the woman attacked the police officer in civilian clothes. She herself ate daily Forum24that the man who pushed her during the event did not know that he was a plainclothes police officer.

Prime Minister Petr Fiala and the Minister of the Interior will take care of the planned step. On the basis of public information about the behavior of the R Police officer at political rallies in other areas, I have asked the Minister of the Interior Rakuan and the editor of GIBS Dragoun to thoroughly examine all the circumstances of this disturbing event, he wrote on Twitter on Friday morning.

Rakuan wants to be fired and given to the public. I am glad that the police have unequivocally condemned the action of the police president and will prosecute him. And the Police intervened, I personally met the animals. The police must act in a safe and secure manner, with discretion and in an impartial and reportable manner. I must not give the impression that it functions as a protector of any individual or individual property, he wrote on Twitter.

The spokesman of the police presidium, Ondej Moravk TK, said that the police were monitoring actions that they assessed as risky. The public meeting with Andrej Babie falls into that category, because both of them will come to some conflicts there, he added.

Granny on his way through southern Czech towns and villages, he loudly protested his apostasy. For the electorate, he has been driving along the esku since the beginning of the year, he shared a residential vehicle for that.

Reject the claim that it is a campaign before the presidential elections. Travels as chairman of the ANO movement in connection with the senate and municipal elections, he said at dv. At the end of April, Babi stated that he plans to announce his decision regarding his presidential candidacy no later than November 4.