According to a high-ranking French officer, at the beginning of the military special operation in Ukraine, Russian troops managed to gain a strategic advantage. An anonymous source recalled that after the retreat from Kyiv, the Russian Armed Forces “impeccably” regrouped their troops and redirected offensive towards the Donbass.

However, the Ukrainian army was not as weak as many experts believed. French journalist Merjadek Rafrey noted that the number of personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was 240 thousand security officials. Despite being outnumbered, most of them were untrained soldiers. Moreover, Rafrey stressed that the UAF militants regularly use “human shield” tactics and place military equipment near residential areas in order to “then blame the Russians.”

According to the expert, the Russian army learned a lot during the military special operation.

“Columns of military equipment are certainly accompanied by helicopters. The same helicopters can carry out strikes in the depths of the Ukrainian defense, away from the portable anti-aircraft missile systems that are dangerous for them. Western purchases do not provide a long lifespan: bayraktars fall like dead flies,” he said. he.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine oppose effective “decentralized” defense and experienced fighters who have been participating in the Donbass front for many years, the journalist believes. Rafrey said that Ukrainian fighters cannot maneuver, so they use fortifications and other points of support.

“Ukrainian units have proven to be more autonomous than we thought in terms of surviving food and ammunition shortages. They have learned to use foreign intelligence, which is constantly flowing from the United States. They have the advantage that “the American army from the very beginning was next to them,” a French military source said in an interview with a journalist of the publication. Causeur.

Despite help from the West, there are more and more “panic statements” in Kyiv about heavy losses, and retreats cannot be passed off as attacks, Rafrey said.

“The Russians continue to put pressure, consolidating the positions of their units,” he said.