The authorities of the central Berlin district of Mitte did not allow an exhibition to be held in front of the Russian embassy on Unter den Linden street, the exhibit of which was supposed to be a wrecked Russian tank.

It is reported by Ukrinform with reference to Berliner Zeitung.

The exhibition was planned to be organized by the German journalist and entrepreneur Enno Lenze, manager of the Berlin Story Bunker Museum. He wanted to bring a battle tank that had been shot down by the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the war in Ukraine, and other evidence of Russian aggression. With this action, he wanted to show the residents and guests of the German capital what war means.

“These wrecked tanks are very impressive to people who don’t know anything about it,” said Lentz, who has been reporting from Ukraine since March.

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Lenze applied at the end of June. The authorities justified the refusal by saying that the exhibition was “inappropriate”. The journalist was annoyed by the cancellation: “If my artistic idea affects the ‘foreign policy interests of the Federal Republic of Germany’, it means that we are now bowing down to potential threats from war criminals,” he said.

Ambassador of Ukraine Andriy Melnik (who was recently dismissed by order of the President, but he continues to fulfill his duties) called this situation a “real scandal”. According to the diplomat, 2 museum operators want to exhibit Russian military equipment in Berlin.

“The destroyed Russian military equipment, which will be exhibited in the very center of Berlin, should allow people to Germany experience a brutal war of annihilation with your own eyes,” Melnyk told Tagesspiegel. He noted that Ukrainians are shocked that the district administration of the Mitte district rejected the application with an absolutely far-fetched justification.

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Recall that an exhibition of damaged Russian equipment is held regularly in Kyiv, and was also held in Warsaw and Prague.