Prosecutors of the Office of the Prosecutor General filed an indictment against the so-called head of the Izolyatsia prison in the temporarily occupied territory of Donetsk region.

This is reported press office departments, Ukrinform reports.

As noted, the defendant was charged with human trafficking, participation in a terrorist organization and paramilitary groups not provided for by law, as well as violation of the laws and customs of war (part 2 of article 149; part 1 of article 258-3; part 1 of article 260 and part 1 article 28, part 1 article 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

The investigation established that from October 2014 to February 2018, the defendant organized the restriction of freedom of victims in the Izolyatsia prison, created for the illegal detention of prisoners of war and civilians. People there were subjected to torture, mutilation in order to obtain testimony about their alleged crimes, as well as intimidation and psychological pressure.

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“The accused, as well as on his orders, other members of the paramilitary formation “MGB DPR” not provided for by law, used physical and mental violence against the victims, tortured, and simulated execution. They hit them with sticks on different parts of the body, applied electric current,” the UCP reports.

According to the investigation, the prisoners were kept in Izolyatsia in inhumane conditions, without food and water, as well as the ability to fulfill physiological needs and necessary medical care.

The pre-trial investigation was carried out by the Main Investigation Department of the SBU.

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As reported, on November 9, 2021, a former prisoner of Izolyatsia, journalist Stanislav Aseev, informed that Denis Kulikovsky, the head of the underground prison Izolyatsia in temporarily occupied Donetsk, was detained in the capital.

The SBU confirmed the fact of Kulikovsky’s detention.