Prime Minister of Moldova Natalia Gavrilitsa stated that the country has always “lacked dignity” in the context of diplomatic relations with Russia. In addition, according to the politician, the issue of Transnistria should not be “mixed” with the agenda for blue fuel.

Gavrilitsa stressed that her visit to Moscow on August 5 would not affect the cost of Russian gas for the republic.

“We have Transnistria, a negotiation process that should be separated from the gas issue and which cannot be rushed. Therefore, we correctly insisted on this format of negotiations and did not sacrifice the long-term interests of the country for a lower gas price,” the Moldovan Prime Minister quotes EADaily.

Earlier, Moldova asked Gazprom to revise the terms of the contract insofar as it concerns payment for gas supplies. At the same time, based on the political course, Chisinau is ready to sacrifice the interests of citizens, since in case of non-fulfillment of agreements, the country may be left without gas.