Why did you become an Eznik?
It was clear to me since I was a child. I lived in a village and we always had some sort of farm house, from chickens and turtledoves to pigs. Every autumn was a killer and it was always sunny. And in addition, the grandfather, Josef Pohl, was a veterinarian in st nad Labem. he often moved around the slaughterhouses too. Everything came together and the choice was clear. I then gradually completed my high school diploma and the pedagogical minimum. How long does it take for a novice craftswoman to become a master of her field?
For some even ten years. But if the hunter wants and tries, he moves faster. What have you learned over the years? Can it be generalized?
emesln only warehouses. As a pedagogue, in those years, I was able to get the job done right. The main thing to learn is to work reliably and independently and to find honesty in love. These are absolutely essential qualities of a quality craftswoman in any field. From this, in dept. Even if he stays, if he respects the pride of the estate.

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