On Thursday, the fire brigade conducted a search in the impenetrable terrain around Pravick brny. They were helped by the climbers who took the helicopter to the foothills in accessible places. However, according to the firefighter Martin Kavka, the attack was not fully extinguished, because the helicopters fanned the unextinguished fires with their flights. At Pravick brny they were interfered with by pt.

In the following days, the firemen will choose a different strategy, with the help of which they will keep the fire under control in the rocky places.

Just like the German side, they tried carpet fire extinguishers, which proved to be successful and they will most likely continue to use them in the future. In the following days, they plan to build dens and observation posts in selected strategic places so that they can keep the war firmly under control.

Apart from a slight injury to the thumb of one of the responding firefighters, no rescue was needed on Thursday. Thanks to the sufficient sweat of the units in the city, the firefighters were able to take care of themselves regularly, and thus there were no collapses or other health problems that would be switched on at times.

The liquidation of leeks continues and the printing press is also extinguished on Thursday, look for the situation under Kdlová stna, Bouke, Vtrovec. In the same way, aviation technology was deployed in my strategy. The planes stayed on the ground in the morning. The helicopters were deployed to massively drop one after the other on the city center in the train system.

Specially trained climbers wanted to get to Vtrovec and Bouk, where they conducted a survey.

It’s a fire-fighting bet. From the underhang of the helicopter, they will find a good place where the explosion took place and they will make a hole for the helicopter there, and it would seem that the erpac could be set there, said Kavka.

Drones with thermal cameras do help with finding the focus, but according to him, some focus points cannot be identified at high temperatures.

The problem should be that the thermal camera detects the focus and it is not there. We need to get the fire department to the city to make sure that there really is a fire there, added the speaker. Firefighters have created five groups to work with drones, which are in the field throughout the Czech Republic NP. Space for work in the air is released by the air traffic coordinator.

The situation is difficult due to the prevailing heat, the firemen often have to be embarrassed. On Thursday, temperatures rose to 36 degrees. At high temperatures there was a risk of collapse and dehydration. The rescuers, who arrived in Hensko with the Golem mass network module, were also preparing for the heat.

The module itself is cooled to a constant temperature to make it pleasant even for the patients staying here. We have increased the volume of the solution in the entrance means, we have increased the volume of the cooled connections and the car and the rehydrated solutions, said the head of the detachment of the fire rescue service Ondej edivka in the center. According to the fire department, 80 firefighters were included in the rescue truck. There are many of them working around the printing press.

During the night, the firemen gathered the news, the units moved to the places where their intervention would be needed the most.

At night, we arranged the messages so that the firefighters who had reached some places could move to another and help their colleagues there, said Kavka.