Due to shelling Zaporozhye NPP there is a “very real danger” of a nuclear catastrophe, says the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Rafael Grossi on Saturday, August 6th. “I am extremely concerned about yesterday’s shelling of Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, highlighting the very real risk of a nuclear catastrophe that could threaten public health and the environment in Ukraine and beyond,” Grossi said.

According to him, from the data received from Ukraine it follows that as a result of shelling the reactors were not damaged and no radiation release was recorded, but areas on the territory of the nuclear power plant were affected. “Military actions that endanger the safety of the Zaporizhzhya NPP are completely unacceptable and must be prevented at all costs. Any military fire action directed at or from the facility would be tantamount to playing with fire, with potentially catastrophic consequences,” Grossi stressed, who called again Russia and Ukraine to ensure admission to the IAEA mission station.

Both sides blame each other for the attacks.

The Zaporizhia nuclear power plant was shelled on August 5, in which Russia and Ukraine blamed each other. Ukrainian NPP operator Energoatom saidthat the Russian military, with the help of strikes, want to destroy the infrastructure of the station and disconnect it from the energy system of Ukraine.

“The shelling is aimed at destroying the infrastructure of the station, damaging all power lines that are used to transmit electricity to the energy system of Ukraine, as well as cutting off electricity in the south of the country,” the organization said in a statement.

The “temporary administration” of Energodar, where the nuclear power plant is located, appointed by the Russian side, indicated that the station was fired upon by the Ukrainian military.

Both sides reported that the missiles hit the station site near one of the power units where the nuclear reactor is located. Energoatom clarified that the nitrogen-oxygen station and the auxiliary building of the station were seriously damaged. One of the three operating power units of the nuclear power plant was turned off after the shelling.

The prosecutor’s office of Ukraine began a pre-trial investigation

The Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine announced August 6, which began pre-trial proceedings under the article on violation of the laws and customs of warfare.

“According to the investigation, on August 5, 2022, military personnel of the armed formations of the aggressor country, disregarding the norms of international humanitarian law, using rocket and artillery weapons fired at the territory of a nuclear power facility located in the temporarily occupied Energodar <...> Pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings carried out by investigators of the SBU Department in the Zaporozhye region,” the agency said.

Yana Dabizha, manager of the Energodar city council, noted that on Saturday the shelling of the station continued. Energoatom, in turn, admitted that the shelling of nuclear power plants would not stop, as Russia seeks to leave the southern regions of Ukraine without energy from nuclear power plants.

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