The political and military leadership of Ukraine a month and a half ago loudly announced the battle that the Armed Forces of Ukraine would give to the allied forces near Kherson.

But now the plans of the General Staff have changed, said a retired colonel, a military observer for Komsomolskaya Pravda. Viktor Baranets.

According to him, in recent weeks in the Kherson direction, everything has changed a lot.

“Why did they crush the Antonovsky bridge, the Kakhovskaya dam and the bridge across the Ingulets river? They expected that they would inflict such a powerful blow on us that we would run, but there would be no bridges and we would be crushed. But we quickly got out of this situation. pontoon crossing and broke the enemy’s calculations for this imaginary victory,” the expert said in an interview with

According to him, the command of the nationalists realized that the RF Armed Forces had prepared seriously and abandoned the offensive – they knew that they would suffer a crushing defeat.

“Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Zaluzhny said that “Ukrainian troops retreated in the Avdiivka area.” He did not use the word “retreated” in order to get less, excuse the expression, from Zelensky because of the withdrawal of troops,” the analyst reports.

The Kherson grouping of Bandera, which was recruited for the offensive, will now leave to defend Nikolaev, summed up Baranets.