The night was quiet. A drone survey was conducted. Found near the hearth in the northern part of the area above Hensk and Kdelny walls. They are being worked on, stet hasia said on Twitter.

f firefighter Vladimr Vlek announced on Friday that his colleagues were trying to catch up with the warm weather in the Czech Republic. Originally, the end of the conservation works should have been but there was a poas against it.

Pesto has a good night without these sacrifices, knowing that their fullness is not unfair after thirteen days of fierce fighting. Also on Saturday, the Italian Canadair planes, which intervened in Hensko last week, will join the firefights, but in the end they were called back to Italy to join the firefights there. Now they should stay long-term as long as needed.

On Friday, less than 400 hectares of land remained to be covered, and the professional and volunteer fire brigades were flying against the current, with the pilots in the so-called wolf supporting them from the air. The one in the strategy where the machines gradually drop water quickly after each other.

Some units had to retreat

Behind the emergence of new outbreaks is again a strong wind, which firefighters have been dealing with for a long time and which was also responsible for the massive fire season in the Czech Republic. On the first full day of the war, the firemen had the situation under control, but then the wind set in, and so it came down to blowing up a lot of ground.

Firefighters spoke, and Deputy Inspector Martin Kafka stated that some units had to withdraw on Friday. On Saturday morning, a drone survey will take place, followed by a guided meeting.

Due to the strong wind yesterday, we had to withdraw units from some areas, there was a threat of damaged trees. The situation is calm, he said.