In the first incident, the Ukrainian and Russian forces accused each other of being responsible for the fire. According to information from the Ukrainian state nuclear company Enerhoatom, the power plant continued to operate without incident and no emissions of radioactive materials were recorded on the day. One nuclear unit of Nicmn was decommissioned.

According to the Ukrainian news agency Unian, this is an action by occupying forces. The Russian army again resorted to provocations. As a result of their shelters, they were in the vicinity of an industrial area Loss of nuclear power plant recorded those impacts, quoted Enerhoatom.

The Russian side blamed the Ukrainian side for the incident. The armed forces of Ukraine again shot down the Zporosk nuclear power plant, a fire broke out on the site, and two electrical lines necessary for the operation of the power units were cut, TASS reported with a notice to the occupied military-civilian facility in nearby Enerhodar after the first flow.

Two hours after the first hole from the opposite course of the Dnieper, a kind of structural reinforcement of the power plant was carried out. This time, the nationalists managed to achieve their goal, the Dlosteleck grants sent the industrial area of ​​nuclear power plants, he quoted Interfax occupied led.

According to initial information from Enerhoatom, the power plant supplied energy to the Ukrainian energy system via the line that is currently in operation. One block of equipment was disconnected from st.

This week, the United States and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) expressed concern about the situation at the Zporosk nuclear power plant, the largest such facility in Europe. f IAEA Rafael Grossi stated that the situation in the city has gotten out of control and is extremely unstable from the point of view of the airline security protocol.

The Russians steeled the power plant in Zporo. Por was extinguished: