Ukraine and Russia blamed each other for the flow. The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the incidents and according to the website Ukrainian truth stated that the consequences of hitting a functioning reactor would be comparable to the use of an atomic bomb.

Russia Ministry of Defense according to the agency TASS claimed that the Ukrainian grants accidentally did not touch the objects with oil and heating oil, which included the dark weather and mon radian destruction in the largest European nuclear power plant.

Enerhoatom pointed out that the employees of the Russian Rosatom, who were working on the site, left the power plant before the bombing. They probably knew that a stream was being prepared, the Ukrainian ad said. Ukrainian personnel remained on site and removed the resulting code.

Local residents reported that the electricity went out in the Enerhodar cell, which is located not far from the power plant and is occupied by the Russian army. The Vetelians (Rusov) bombed the Luch electrical substation, as a result of which the entire town was left without electricity. The water collection station in the city does not work either, there is no water, the Ukrainian agency quoted Union from the hollows of the Enerhoatom.

It is a kind of flow to the nuclear power plant during the bird. In the first incident, the same grants fell outside the zazen area. Nothing close enough to cross two electrical lines. The energy source for the necessary operation in the plant is provided by diesel generators.

The Russian army again resorted to provocations. As a result of their shelters, they were in the vicinity of an industrial area Loss of nuclear power plant those hits were recorded, Enerhoatom commented on the first stream.

The armed forces of Ukraine again shot down the Zporosk nuclear power plant, the TASS agency reported, on the other hand, with a reference to the fortress occupied by the military-civilian forces in nearby Enerhodar after the first flow.

Two hours after the first hole from the opposite course of the Dnieper, a kind of structural reinforcement of the power plant was carried out. This time the nationalists succeeded in achieving their goal, the Dlosteleck grants sent the industrial area of ​​nuclear power plants, he then quoted Interfax occupied after the second incident.

According to initial information to Enerhoatom, the dl power plant supplied energy to the Ukrainian energy system through the line that was in operation the longest. In one of the reactors, the bag was closed.

The Russians steeled the power plant in Zporo. Por was extinguished: