It will be the warmest on Friday in the north-western Czech Republic and in the south of Moravia. In the morning, the occurrence of very high temperatures also extends to the north of the Olomouc Region.

During the afternoon of the fifth, the first snows and showers may form in front of the front to the west, then the showers will stop with the cold front in the evening.

Meteorologists warn that gusts are accompanied by wind gusts of around 70 kilometers per hour and hail (then turn to the west and northwest)

Later on the front, the risk of flash floods with short periods of peaks of around 40 mm will increase sharply (the highest peaks will occur in the area of ​​other lakes and in the west of the Vysoina). In the west and north-west of the mountains, the occurrence of storm surges is less likely. In the course of the night, during the advance to Moravia, the branches will weaken and become smaller, until the warning.

It will be valid from 2 pm on Friday until 2 am on Saturday. In addition, a warning is issued against the increased risk for the rest of the country.

Supertropic company

Temperature records were set at twenty small stations on Thursday, meteorologists declared the day supertropical. The warmest was in Tuimice in the north, with a temperature of 35.6 degrees. The previous highest temperature at this station came from 2003 and was 33.2 degrees.

It was 35.5 degrees in Teplice and Pilsen-Bolevec, the current temperature record at both stations. In Teplice, the record for the highest temperatures is 124 years. The previous record for this station was 35.1 degrees in 2015.