As the police president and the country, I know his democratic style. It’s okay to gather and express your views. The police must not care who makes the claims, they must act impartially. Vondrek said, “I am not the only one involved in the media.”

According to him, he doesn’t want to judge, but he has to act. I watched the videos from Borovan, I became familiar with the initial scene of the event. Yesterday evening I sent the files to the General Inspection of Security Corps (GIBS). When a policeman has a kilt with a photo of a political subject and a prisoner around his neck, I have to act, he added.

Vondrek added to the newspaper’s questions that we cannot proceed only according to our personal feelings, and that is why the whole incident is caused by GIBS. If the step was justified and appropriate, the General Inspection of the Security Corps will assess it, she said.

He even went out for a day in the Krumlov eskimo, where a policeman took a woman to work who had slapped him. According to her words, she did not realize that he was a policeman, he was in civilian clothes. I will meet with the regional editor and I will be interested in the answers to the questions. We have been talking for a long time about how to approach members of the public. He will want to know all the details and I will also ask about the appropriateness of the step, added Vondrek.

On Monday, he called a video conference, which will be attended by all 14 regional editors. He wants to negotiate again about the first gathering and the police. I will appeal to the editor so that uniformed police officers are preferred at these meetings, added Vondrek.

The Minister of the Interior Rakuan said on Friday that he will meet with Vondrek on Monday, after which a meeting will be held with the public. A detailed examination of the excess, the punishments for erring policemen, a presentation of the R Police’s tactics during similar events and that the policemen are always visibly marked in these cases. I will request this from the police at Monday’s meeting, he wrote.

The wave of anger was also raised by the fact that the Adam’s MP used a police escort on his tours of Czech cities. But he defends that he doesn’t want it for himself, but for his supporters. I think that supporters who peacefully go to our rallies should be protected, said Babi. He revealed that he would call on his friends at every stop not to allow themselves to be provoked into a conflict. The level of aggression, malice and vulgarity on the part of the oppressors is still growing, he stated.