The Russian army in the course of a military special operation in Ukraine used a special “barrage of fire” tactic, which is distinguished by its effectiveness. Military expert told Mikhail Khodarenok. He noted that Ukrainian fighters in Marinka they ended up in a “fiery hell”.

According to the expert, this method was first used during the Great Patriotic War. However, it was the Russian troops who managed to bring this tactic to perfection, Khodarenok believes.

The expert noted that artillery uses two types of fire: to suppress and to destroy. The tactic is called a “shaft” because of the guarantee that the object will be eliminated. The shell consumption is increased from the standard 200 to 300-350 units.

“The density of fire also plays an important role. Instead of one division of artillery, the “barrage” implements ten or even twenty divisions. On a separate unarmored target, the coordinates of which are known in advance, under normal conditions, you have to spend 300 shells, and in other cases, 500, ” – explained the military expert in his Telegram channel.