Fighter The fifth generation Su-57 is the best aircraft of the Russian Air Force at the moment, which the Americans mistakenly underestimate.

Chinese newspaper reports sohu.

Su-57 is a multirole stealth fighter. This car is now fashionable to compare with the F-22 (USA), and it has many advantages. For example, good maneuverability, short takeoff and landing distances and supersonic flight.

“If initially it seemed to the outside world that the low visibility of the Su-57 was its biggest weakness, now it has ceased to be a problem,” the article says.

The author emphasizes that due to the shock potential fighter, it can attack eight targets at once from a distance of 400 km. Moreover, the aircraft attacks both air and ground targets.

“For this fighter, Russian engineers have developed more than a dozen new types of weapons and various missiles. The designers used unique technologies to create this machine,” the publication summed up.