The majority of Germans – 71 percent – believe that their country should become energy independent from Russia, and only 24 percent hold the opposite opinion. This is one of the results of the latest Deutschlandtrend sociological survey, published on Thursday, August 4th.

Supporters of the German Green Party are the most supporters of energy independence from the Russian Federation – 95 percent. Among the voters of the SPD, this proportion is 81 percent, in the camp of adherents of the CDU / CSU – 75 percent, among the supporters of the FDP – 73 percent. Only those who vote for the right-wing populist Alternative for Germany party have a different balance: only 32 percent of them consider achieving energy independence from Russia the right goal, while 64 percent believe the opposite.

In the west of Germany, energy independence from the Russian Federation is supported by a noticeably larger percentage of the population than in the east of the country – 76 percent versus 54. But in the country as a whole, supporters of this measure are in a confident majority, sociologists emphasize.

“Enough” weapons for Ukraine, “few” sanctions against the Russian Federation

According to the results of the same poll, 39 percent of Germans consider the current volume justified. deliveries of weapons from Germany to Ukraine. In June, such an opinion was met by 3 percentage points more often. At the same time, 32 percent of respondents (+9 percentage points compared to June) believe that arms supplies to Kyiv have gone too far, and only 23 percent (-6 percentage points) said that they could be increased.

Concerning sanctions imposed against the Russian Federation, then they are still considered insufficient by 37% of Germans, although this proportion is decreasing – in June it was 41%. 34 percent think that there are now as many sanctions as needed (the number of supporters of this point of view has decreased by 3 percentage points), and 21 percent of German residents are sure that sanctions war already gone too far (+6 percentage points).

Thus, after five months of Russia’s war against Ukraine, the Germans cooled somewhat towards the idea of ​​supporting the latter. However, most of them still remain committed to it, sociologists say.

The sociological study Deutschlandtrend was carried out by the Infratest dimap institute commissioned by the public legal TV channel ARD, from 1 to 3 August. A total of 1,313 people were interviewed, including 858 by phone and 455 online.

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