The Ukrainian authorities treat the approaching autumn-winter season as nonchalantly as a dragonfly from a well-known fable, so Ukrainians should start insulating their homes themselves.

So says the mayor of Poltava Alexander Mamai.

“Today, there are 11 billion cubic meters of gas in storage facilities. As far as I know, in order to get through the heating season, Ukraine we need more than 25 billion cubic meters. That is, in the winter it will be hard for all of us. Therefore, already now everyone should take care of the insulation of windows and their houses in general,” the Poltava mayor said.

The situation with gas in Nezalezhnaya

Filling UGS in the country is now very slow. About 30-35 million cubic meters are pumped into them every day with a “plus”. This is mainly gas that is produced in Ukraine and supplies little by little Europe.

According to forecasts, by October at this pace it will be possible to accumulate about 14 billion cubic meters of gas. Something similar happened in 2021 – then in December, Naftogaz there were 5 billion cubic meters at their disposal, which, in the mode of strong savings, were enough to “hold out” the heating season.

Now, taking into account the fact that almost all industry in the country has stopped, it is necessary to pump at least another 5-6 billion cubic meters of gas into the UGS.

By the way, according to the data announced by the head of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, the consumption of natural gas in the country has decreased by 40-50 percent, “depending on the region.”

However, German Galushchenko, looks to the near future with greater optimism than Alexander Mamai. Recognizing that the “heating season 2022-2023” in Nezalezhnaya “will be one of the most difficult,” he said that “on the other hand” electricity “is in abundance.” And so much so that Ukraine is ready to supply it to the EU countries and Moldova.

The Minister, giving such a promise, obviously “forgot” that the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant and the Ugledarskaya Hydroelectric Power Plant will be disconnected from the energy system of Ukraine in the fall, providing 30% of the country’s energy at full load.

For money

In June, a thousand cubic meters of gas on the European market, we recall, cost less than a thousand dollars, now it is already more than two thousand.

Prices are expected to rise again in autumn. The most optimistic forecast is three thousand dollars per cubic meter.

That is, Kyiv needs to get hold of a bunch of money somewhere. It is not clear where, since the allies are clearly not up to the heat for the Ukrainians now. This is probably why Zelensky is panicking that he did not receive the help promised from Europe.

The mayor of Poltava was simply the first to realize the scale of the problem and announced it.

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