On the 165th day of the full-scale Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine Russian troops continue to try to capture the settlements of the neighboring country. The armed forces and units of the territorial defense of Ukraine resist aggression. It is impossible to verify the statements of representatives of both sides of the conflict from independent sources. According to the UN, about 14 million Ukrainians have already left their homes. DW is watching developments Sunday, August 7 (Moscow time).


Since the beginning of the war Ukraine managed to liberate 1060 settlements from Russian occupation, President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a daily video message. “The absolute majority of them need significant restoration work, demining, construction of social facilities,” he stressed. In mid-July, the head of state reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine had liberated 1,028 settlements, while another 2,621 remained, according to him, occupied.

To prepare for the winter and “create conditions for a return to normal life,” Ukraine is implementing a Fast Recovery Plan program jointly with other countries (A quick recovery plan. – Ed.), Zelensky added. As part of the program this week, an Estonian delegation visited the Zhytomyr region. There are objects, the restoration of which will be undertaken by the Estonian authorities.

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