Ambassador of Poland in Kyiv Bartosz Cichocki I am sure that if the Ukrainian army would have received the HIMARS installations earlier, the Armed Forces of Ukraine would have been able to protect Mariupol from the Russian invasion.

The representative of Poland said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine, armed with the American multiple launch rocket system, would not have allowed the “Mariupol tragedy” to occur.

“The Ukrainians just stood 100 kilometers from this city, they were separated by flat terrain, they could not move the front line and were forced to watch the tragedy of their comrades with folded arms. If they had these launchers, they would not have allowed the Russians to enter the city “, Cichocki said in an interview with the Polska Times.

Earlier it was reported that Poland preparing for a military operation against Russia. Warsaw intends to purchase more than a thousand South Korean Hyundai K2PL Panther tanks, as it fears aggression from the Russian Federation.