The Ukrainian military hit two command posts of the 76th Airborne Assault Division and the 49th Army in Chernobaevka.

It is reported by Ukrinform with link to the Operational Command “South”.

Also, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the command and observation post of the enemy battalion tactical group in the Bruskinsky district and the concentration of weapons and equipment in Oleshki, Kherson region. Artillery in the southern direction destroyed six ammunition depots in the Berislav and Kherson regions and the command and observation post of the enemy battalion tactical group in Bruskin.

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At the same time, rocket and artillery units completed a number of fire missions. The confirmed losses of the occupiers per day are:
● 79 invaders;
● 4 T-72 tanks;
● 2 self-propelled howitzers “Msta-S”;
● gun mount;
● radar station;
● command and staff vehicle;
● 10 armored vehicles;
● 11 other vehicles.

Meanwhile, there are 9 warships and boats in the Black Sea, maneuvering off the Crimean coast, the rest are hiding in their bases. On combat duty are 2 surface and 2 underwater carriers of Caliber-type cruise missiles, as well as 1 large landing ship.

As you know, on February 24, Russia launched a new stage of the eight-year war against Ukraine – a full-scale offensive.

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The enemy is carrying out massive shelling and bombardment of peaceful Ukrainian cities and villages. The Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Territorial Defense Forces and the entire Ukrainian people effectively oppose the Russian troops and inflict heavy losses on them.