To Ivan Urgant the wit has returned. The showman spoke with humor about the idea of ​​​​depriving him of his work on Channel One.

The TV presenter admitted that he watched an almost two-hour meeting of the Anti-Russian Activities Investigation Group in the field of culture (abbreviated as GRAD).

He called the initiatives of the GRAD members accurate and timely. At the same time, Urgant shared his thoughts on this matter.

He advised punishing not only guilty cultural figures, but also members of their families, who should be left the right to renounce an unreliable relative.

“Since the abbreviation GRAD does not fully reflect the gigantic amount of work that will have to be faced, I propose to rename the Anti-Russian Activities Investigation Group into the Detection Group of the Enemies of Our Society,” Ivan Urgant made his proposal.

Former member of the State Duma Ivan Sukharev proposed confiscate property of celebrities who fled abroad after the start of a special operation in Ukraine – Maxim GalkinIvan Urgant and Chulpan Khamatova.