China Won’t Let US Return Global Community to Law of the Jungle, Chinese Foreign Minister Says Wang Yi. As the head of the Foreign Ministry emphasized, modern countries must unquestioningly obey international law.

Wang Yi clarified that China intends to protect the integrity of the PRC in the context of indivisibility against the backdrop of the situation around Taiwan.

“If the principle of non-interference in internal affairs is ignored and discarded, the world will return to the law of the jungle, and the United States will be more unceremoniously treating other countries from a position of strength and pushing them around, especially numerous small and medium-sized countries,” the minister said at a briefing.

He stressed that China will not allow the opportunity to go “backward” to humanity and called on the countries to unite.

Earlier, Pravda.Ru wrote that in the US military circles they complained that China “does not pick up the phone” and higher PRC command does not get in touch with Washington to discuss the situation around Taiwan.