The coming winter will be difficult for Europe, Ukraine and even Russia, in particular, in terms of energy resources. However, super-hard times are still ahead, because after the winter there will be the next stage of hostilities.

This opinion was expressed by former US Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker in a conversation with TSNreports Ukrinform.

According to the diplomat, at the moment Ukraine cannot quickly expel the occupiers from its land. For objective reasons, the war against Russia will continue at least until the summer of 2023. Volker stressed that the complexity of the situation is exacerbated by the energy crisis in Europe caused by Russia’s gas blackmail.

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He warned: this winter will be hard for everyone: Europe, Ukraine and Russia too.

“But we will provide not only military assistance, but also financial and humanitarian assistance. For the EU, the winter will be difficult due to problems with energy resources. They are preparing for winter,” Volker said. He added that he recently spoke with the representative of Germany, where the big problem is the cost of energy.

“They are trying to figure out how to survive everything … We must understand that super-hard times are yet to come. But Ukraine has made tremendous progress to get to where it is now. We must prepare that it will be difficult after the winter, because there will be the next stage of hostilities. The war will continue next year both in the spring and summer,” the American diplomat said.

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At the same time, he noted that the United States sees that Ukraine values ​​and professes European values ​​and democracy and is ready to fight for it. The United States is ready to help in this.

“The United States helps everyone in this matter – to fight for freedom and democracy. I know that now there are reservations that the United States may not support Ukraine as much as in the first months of the war. These are appropriate questions. Because we remember the example of Afghanistan, when we very quickly We got out of there after 20 years of presence, but this year we allocated $40 billion in aid, next year we will also need a lot of money, and we need to include it in our budget,” Volker informed.

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He also noted that currently support for Ukraine is very strong among both parties – Democratic and Republican, as well as – in the Houses of Congress, in the White House and society.

“Given such support, I do not see the level of support decreasing. Sufficiently large funds are reserved until the end of this fiscal year and next,” the diplomat added.

As you know, on February 24, Russia began a new phase of the eight-year wars against Ukraine – a full-scale offensive. The enemy is carrying out massive shelling and bombardment of peaceful Ukrainian cities and villages.