Sergei Bezrukov commented on the removal of Russian figure skaters from participation in international competitions. The actor was especially surprised by the wording of the reasons for the suspension.

The star of the series “Brigada” recalled how the Russians rejoiced and worried about the Russian figure skating stars at the Winter Olympics in Beijing.

“How cleverly they got rid of them in the spring,” Bezrukov wrote in his microblog.

The actor drew attention to the wording with which the ISU Congress explained the expulsion of Russian athletes from the world competitive process. The text emphasizes that the suspension is not temporary, but permanent.

“These decisions are neither a sanction, nor a disciplinary measure, nor a decision of unfitness, but are taken solely in the interests of the safety of the participants and the integrity of the competition,” the explanation of the representatives of the International Skating Union reads.

Bezrukov believes that in this way the skaters of the world got rid of strong competitors.

“What did they threaten interestingly? Take all the prizes on the podium? Yes, it’s really scary. But what is the point of the competition, if there are no strong competitors, I don’t understand,” the People’s Artist of Russia expressed his opinion.

Earlier, Sergei Bezrukov, whom the EU included in the sanctions list, said he was ready cancel world tour in order to become part of Russian culture.