For the vld, it is a priority. It is expected that this will be the subject of the debate after the public holidays, i.e. on August 24, Friday at from the Ministry of Industry.

After the final approval of the government, a web calculator was published by the MPO, which the orienteer will be able to use with help from the center, according to Jozef Skela’s department.

For a government that should clearly determine who gets when and how much from the hundred, households wait for a long time. In the meantime, try only the maximum number of tracks, and they have been adjusted in the last week.

First, the ministry stated that the maximum amount of aid will be 100,000 for the heating season. Then it became clear that the payment would have to be split into two parts due to budgetary constraints. And finally, Minister Skela specified that in the current year households could lose five thousand and a total of K17,500.

However, this maximum amount will only apply to those with really high consumption. Households with high electricity consumption, i.e. those that use heat pumps, will receive assistance in the amount of 6,500 crowns this year starting from 100,000 crowns, it is confirmed on the website of the Ministry, although this is included as a so-called disputed tariff. so the fee for renewable energy sources is deducted. The removal of this fee will mean a dispute of 599 crowns with VAT per MWh of electricity consumed from January.

Vtina’s household is very likely to receive me, not those cursed five thousand, how many songs should be clear after the approval of the government.

Specific fees will depend on what each household uses fuel for. The Ministry of Industry has prepared preliminary impressions of what these services will look like. It is a percentage of income calculated on the basis of average household consumption. In total, according to our preliminary calculations, some households can receive 17.5 thousand crowns, he said at first.

This maximum flow during the week he mentioned in an interview for T and Minister Skela.

Split into two parts

The Ministry confirmed the split of the aid in two. The minister mentioned that for two, as a reason he stated the need split the aid into two installments.

Of the 40 billion crowns set aside for the controversial tariff, one hundred and a quarter will be paid by the end of this year, the rest will be taken into account by the energy supplier in production and in deposits from November 2023. The fee for supported resources will be waived from the beginning of January this year until the end of the fifth year. Both types of assistance will be provided to the real estate agents, promises Skelv et al.

Some details for households connected to central heat distribution systems or associations of unit owners, so-called SVJ, have now appeared in the information. In the case of heat, the Pauline rate may be set at a discount for one apartment heated from the domestic boiler room and at a discount for an apartment heated from the central heating plant.

In the fifth year, in the case of heat supply from domestic boilers, the customer, typically SVJ, will have to notify the gas distributor of the number of heated residential units. In the case of heat supply from a central heat source, SVJ will have to notify the heat supplier of the number of heated housing units, according to the ministry.

For this purpose, SVJ will then receive a discount on gas supply from the gas supplier, or discount on additional heat from the heat supplier. The following company will consider this discount for apartment users.