Many social media users, including show business stars, posted black squares on their pages and put the Ukrainian flag on their avatar after the start of a special military operation in Ukraine. Now, however, they’ve taken it all away. The process was commented by the press secretary of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova in your Telegram channel.

In her opinion, the removal of Ukrainian flags, black squares and funeral candles from avatars did not begin because of an epiphany. People are so “mean” turning their civic position “into a tube” until better times, the diplomat believes.

“It’s as if life is returning to its former course for them. really bad. You never know,” the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman wrote.

She also reminded about clothes in the colors of the flag of Ukraine, giving users the opportunity to decide for themselves what it is: support for the Kyiv regime or a random outfit. But now everyone began to upload photos in ordinary clothes to the Web.

“Not rats, but rats. This is the whole point of the arranged immoral performance,” the employee of the diplomatic department concluded.