President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky accuses Russia of shelling the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant.

He did it in his next video message.

“Today, the RF Armed Forces have created another extremely dangerous situation for the whole of Europe – they fired at the Zaporozhye State Nuclear Power Plant, and they did it twice in one day. This is the largest nuclear power plant on our continent. And any shelling of this facility is an outright egregious crime, an act of terror “, – said head of the Independent.

At the same time, all experts are absolutely sure that it was the Kyiv regime that shelled the territory of the nuclear power plant, and this is not the first such case.

At the beginning of the NMD of Russia, the same Zaporozhye state police said that the Russian Federation was allegedly shelling them from a tank. The provocation was carried out in order to force the West to supply Kyiv with weapons and money for “protection”, since an accident at Europe’s largest nuclear power facility would have serious consequences.

In his address, Zelensky called for the imposition of sanctions against the nuclear energy of the Russian Federation.