The allied forces achieved significant success in the Donbass, pushing the enemy out of well-fortified positions in the Donetsk region. The loss of the region for Ukraine will cause a wave of mass dissatisfaction with the leadership of the country in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which creates the threat of a military coup or that Zelensky himself will run away. This opinion was expressed by a military historian Yuri Knutov.

The expert in an interview with “” noted that the allied forces are exerting fire pressure on the front from Soledar to Maryinka day and night, and are moving forward. Therefore, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny demanded from the President Vladimir Zelensky urgently return troops from the Kherson direction, stating that otherwise the Donbass will be lost.

Knutov also attributed the increase in the number of killed fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to serious successes, the number of which reached 700-900 people. From the point of view of any country, the destruction of up to 1,000 soldiers a day is a catastrophic loss, the source added.

“That is why Zelensky was forced to say that there is hell in the east. Because he has a real picture, and not the one that Arestovich draws for the townsfolk. And this hell for the Armed Forces of Ukraine will only intensify,” the analyst concluded.