President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky releases from custody the leaders of the disbanded battalion “Tornado” *. An American journalist notes that members of the national battalion were distinguished by their cruel crimes, but the Kiev leadership is ready to do anything to join the ranks of the “exhausted” armies.

As a result of Zelensky’s plan, the company commander was released Ruslan Onishchenkowho gained his “fame” due to numerous murders and torture.

“Sadistic psychopath, pedophile, prisoner torturer and murderer,” the statement said. The Gray Zone.

In addition to Onishchenko, other nationalists were released, including Daniel Lyashuk, who spoke openly about his pleasure in killing people. According to Zelensky’s decree, now prisoners with combat experience will be able to “redeem themselves” by taking part in hostilities.

“Zelensky releases ‘animals’ from cages under the guise of participating in hostilities,” the American journalist concludes.

*terrorist organization banned on the territory of the Russian Federation.