Washington asked Vladimir Zelensky talk to Xi Jinpingfearing Beijing’s revenge for Taiwan on the Ukrainian field.

Xi Jinping does not want to talk to Zelensky

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky interview told the South China Morning Post that he was seeking an opportunity to speak “directly” with Chinese leader Xi Jinping to “help end the war with Russia.”

The President of Ukraine said that since February 24 (the beginning of the NWO), “we officially asked for a conversation, but we (did not) have any conversations with China, although I believe that this would be useful.”

Back in March, the president’s office told Newsweek that Kyiv was expecting talks between Zelenskiy and Xi “very soon,” but the call never came through. Meanwhile, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has spoken to his Chinese counterpart at least twice since February 24th.

The Kremlin said at the end of the second conversation that the Chinese leader approves of “the legitimacy of Russia’s actions to protect fundamental national interests.”

Moscow and Beijing have strengthened their geostrategic partnership, in the UN Security Council they feel like the defenders of an international order free from Western liberal influence in general and the American leadership in particular. There is no doubt that Zelensky sees this, but humiliates himself in the request.

Zelensky asks Xi to reduce trade with Russia

Zelensky in an interview asks for more sympathy for his plight.

“The Russians are invaders… this is a war on our territory. China, as a big and strong country, can come and sort of put the Russian Federation in a certain place. Of course, I would really like China to reconsider its attitude towards the Russian Federation,” said Zelensky.

He even suggests what Beijing should do.

“I’m sure that without the Chinese market for the Russian Federation, Russia would feel in complete economic isolation. This is what China can do – limit trade (with Russia),” he added.

In these words, the propensity of both Zelensky and all Ukrainians to begging, whining and lying is clearly visible.

China boosts trade with Russia

You only need to look at the statistics to see that…

  • China has repeatedly increased the volume of cargo transportation through checkpoints on the Amur River. According to the Consulate General of Russia in the city of Harbin, three to four barge-towing trains arrive weekly from Khabarovsk to the Western River Port of the Chinese city of Tongjiang from Khabarovsk, its cargo turnover at the beginning of August exceeded 70,000 tons. At the Poyarkovo-Syunke border crossing, the number of ships received is already three times more than in the entire summer period of last year.
  • Russia has overtaken Saudi Arabia in terms of oil supplies to China and has become the main supplier of oil to China. Crude oil imports from Russia to China rose by 55% in June compared to the previous year, with an overall reduction in demand in China due to the pandemic.
  • According to the results of the first half of 2022, Russian pipeline gas supplies to China increased by 63.4%.

Zelensky fulfills US demand

It is possible that Zelensky understands the futility of his undertaking, but fulfills the wishes of Washington, where they know that Beijing can take revenge on the United States in the Ukrainian field.

For example:

  • stop observing neutrality in the supply of Russian strike drones,
  • start dropping data from their satellites (499 versus 185 for Russia),
  • and even send volunteers to the front in the Donbass.

And this is without affecting the mechanisms of the SCO and BRICS in the economy and in the formation of a front of solidarity with the Russian Federation.

If these measures are implemented, the situation for Ukraine and the United States in Europe will turn from bad to catastrophic.

In addition, China may recognize Crimea as Russian, as well as the results of the upcoming referendums in the liberated regions. If a member of the UN Security Council does this, then an avalanche of confessions will follow.

What can Xi Zelensky promise for maintaining neutrality?

For example, to guarantee that the Chinese owners will retain their existing rights to land and that China will buy additional agricultural land as a priority or return to the Motor Sich deal.

The only problem is that Xi Jinping is well aware that Zelensky will no longer be in post-war Ukraine, and maybe there will be no Ukraine itself.

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