NATO aka north atlantic treaty organization is the world’s biggest military organizations that comprises 30 countries. NATO is a security alliance between USA,Canada and european countries. the purpose of establishing this organizations is to curb the influence of Soviet Union and according to article 5 of NATO “the commitment clause” if any existing member is attacked then it will be deemed as attacking every members of the organization. Months ago Ukraine wanted a membership of NATO and Russia invaded Ukraine. As a result the bordering countries are in a trepidation, 11th March,a survey in Finland was conducted where 62% of the finns wanted to join this military organization. The main reason being the security of collective defense Impels Finland to join NATO and the Finnish prime minister,sanna marin,said that

“I won’t give any kind of time table but it will happen very soon,maybe in this week”

The finnish defence ministry emphasizes the importance of looking to future