NATO will retaliate if Russia uses chemical weapons in Ukraine. The remarks were made by US President Joe Biden at a news conference following a summit between NATO and the Group of Seven at NATO headquarters in Brussels. However, he did not specify what kind of response would be given. This was reported by BBC.

The NATO emergency conference in Brussels saw the “unprecedented” unity of the West against Russia. Biden then retaliated against Russia. Asked about the chemical attack, Biden said the West would react if Vladimir Putin used the weapon.

Depending on the level of use, the level of response will be shown. You want to know if NATO will enter Ukraine to deal with Russian forces! We will take that decision in time.
Western nations have repeatedly claimed that Russia could use chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that if Putin uses the weapon, the consequences will be “catastrophic”. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has also warned Russia about this.

The White House has set up a national security team to determine how to respond to the use of these weapons. However, there was no indication that NATO would respond using chemical weapons.

In his speech, President Biden said that Russia should be excluded from the G20, which is rich in major economies, and that Ukraine should be allowed to join. The NATO meeting comes on the eve of the one-month anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Journalists are asking Biden if Ukraine will have to give up any of its territory in order to disarm Russia. “I don’t think they have to do that, but only Ukraine can decide,” Biden said.

At a news conference, Biden announced that the United States would provide more than 1 billion in aid to millions of people affected by the war in Ukraine. He also said that one million Ukrainians would be welcomed in the United States. The United States will also invest 320 million in Ukraine and neighboring countries to maintain democracy and protect human rights.

The US president is leaving Brussels for Poland on Friday. As many as 2.1 million Ukrainian refugees have taken refuge in Poland. Biden will also visit areas where US troops are stationed.

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