One month has passed since the Russian military invasion of Ukraine. Apparently, Russia has not yet achieved great success. According to Western analysts, Russian forces in Ukraine are facing far more resistance than expected. In this situation, Russia has announced a change in the goals and tactics of the war.

On Friday, Sergei Rudsky, head of the Russian military’s operations department, said the main goal of the Russian military was to ensure “full independence” in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine. In 2014, Russian-backed rebels took control of several areas of Donbass, killing at least 15,000 people in fighting between rebels and Ukrainian troops in those areas.

The Russian Defense Ministry said the “special military operation” had two different goals – one for the whole of Ukraine and the other for Donbass. According to the Russian state news agency, quoting the head of the Russian military’s operations department, Russia may have reduced its chances of achieving its goal from the war in Ukraine. Because perhaps in the north of the country and in the capital Kiev, Russian troops are facing stiff resistance. Sergei Rudsky says 93 percent of the Luhansk Oblast and 54 percent of the Donetsk Oblast are now under Russian occupation. He says the first phase of the war has ended successfully, with Russia destroying the lion’s share of Ukraine’s air force and navy in the last month’s war. From now on, Russia’s main goal will be to seize control of eastern Ukraine.

Maybe Moscow’s ambitions for Ukraine have to be cut. Analysts say it is not yet time to say for sure. But there is a change in the way things are done. The emphasis is now on ensuring the independence of the Donbass region. They have also had some success there. In other parts of Ukraine, the pace of Russian forces has slowed. Russian forces have been evacuated from positions around Kiev. There they are trying to avoid damage or create a defensive position.

Justin Kramp, chief executive of the British intelligence advisory body Sibylin and a former British army officer, told the BBC that Russia had not had much success in their war in the past month, mainly because they were fighting on multiple fronts together. A Western official said Russia was beginning to realize that its multi-pronged operation would not be successful. About 10 new strategic battalion groups have been formed in Russia. They are now on their way to Donbass.

In the remaining occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk, Russian troops may be seen launching new operations. This will allow them to connect with the forces on the Kharkiv and Izim side. If Russia were to finally seize the seaport of Mariupol, on the shores of the Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAzov, their other forces would be able to move north easily. Then maybe they will be able to surround the Ukrainian forces. However, many of these goals do not seem to be met now. News BBC, Al Jazeera.


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