In his regular speech on Saturday (April 9th), Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Russia’s “aggression” was never limited to Ukraine, but aimed at the whole of Europe.

Zelensky called on the West, as always, to impose a complete ban on Russian energy products and to supply Ukraine with additional weapons. News from the BBC.

He said Russia’s “aggression” was a catastrophe that would inevitably hit everyone. But Ukraine is ready for a tough war. This is because Russian forces have stepped up operations in the eastern part of the country.

“It’s a tough fight, but we believe in this fight and in our victory,” Zelensky said. We are ready to fight and at the same time want to find a diplomatic way to end this war.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian negotiator Mikhail Podoliak says a meeting between President Zelensky and Russian President Vladimir Putin is not possible until Russia is defeated in the East.

Earlier, Volodymyr Zelensky said that Ukraine would be built in the style of Israel. He said Ukraine’s national security system would be modeled on Israel, not Switzerland. Zelensky made the remarks in a speech on April 5 during the ongoing Russian military operation.

Russia has been engaging in navy operations in Ukraine for the reason that February 24. Through this, Moscow wants to demilitarize Ukraine and establish it as a neutral state like Switzerland.

But Zelensky wants to thwart Russia’s demands. He told reporters that Ukraine would focus on national security issues after the end of the war with Russia. In this case, Ukraine is not a Swiss model, but will adorn itself like Israel.

In Zelensky’s words, ‘I think all the people in our country will be part of a huge army. We will no longer talk about the ‘Switzerland model’. Our country must become ‘a great Israel.’

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