Russia’s ambassador to Poland, Sergei Andreev, has been stabbed to death while paying tribute to Soviet soldiers on the anniversary of the victory of World War II in Poland. He was shot in the head in a symbolic protest against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. News published with pictures in the UK based media The Independent.

However, the Russian ambassador was seen calm and restrained in spite of the angry crowd. Andrew did not show any reaction to the protesters, even though he removed his face color with his hands. However, in the face of obstacles from the protesters, he was not able to lay flowers at the graves of the martyred soldiers.

Protesters wear red in protest of the Russian bloodshed in Ukraine. They also chanted “fascist” at the Russian delegation. At one point, the Russian ambassador was forced to leave the area by police protocol.

Yesterday, May 9, was the 8th anniversary of the Soviet victory over the German Nazi forces in World War II. On this occasion, the Russian Ambassador to Poland went to the capital of Poland to lay flowers at the graves of Russian martyrs.