Sri Lanka is on fire with protests. Protesters in Sri Lanka have set fire to the residence of Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, who has just resigned, following clashes with government supporters. The Times of India reported this information in a live update on the clashes between pro-government protesters and anti-government protesters in Sri Lanka on Monday.

According to the Times of India, protesters tried to force their way into Mahinda Rajapaksa’s residence, Temple Tree, before setting it on fire. At that time, the police fired tear gas and dispersed the protesters. The protesters also set fire to the residence of former minister Nimal Langer and the residence of MP Arundika Fernando. Earlier, a mob set fire to the home of Saman Lal Fernando, the mayor of Moratuwa, a suburb of Colombo. Earlier, Saman Lal Mahinda took municipal workers in eight buses to show solidarity with Rajapaksa. A few hours later, his house was set on fire.

The mob also set fire to the residence and party office of former minister Johnson Fernando, a staunch supporter of the Rajapaksa family in Mount Lavinia, in the town of Kurunegala. More than a dozen vehicles were also set on fire at the time. On the other hand, agitated mob also set fire to the house of ruling party MP Sanath Nishant in Puttalam district. They also destroyed the MP’s property and set fire to his car.

The Times of India reported that protesters also stormed the home of Kurunegala Mayor Thishara Sanjiwar. Meanwhile, a Sri Lankan journalist named Shehan Madawa posted a video on Twitter. Where a house is seen on fire. He wrote in the caption, ‘Home of Minister Ramesh Pathirana’. Ramesh Pathirana is the Education Minister of the present government.