Ukrainian forces have pushed Russian troops out of the city of Irpin, on the outskirts of the capital Kiev, and taken control of the city. News Reuters

Earlier, Ukrainian troops captured the town of Makarov, 50 kilometers from Kiev. As a result, Ukraine liberated two Russian cities in a matter of days.

On Monday, Alexander Marcushen, the mayor of Irpin, demanded that Russian troops retake Irpin.

The mayor of Irpin said there was good news today. Irpin has become independent. We know our city will be hit harder but we will deal with it with courage.

However, Reuters could not confirm the mayor’s claim.

Due to its proximity to the capital, Kiev, Russia occupied Irpin shortly after launching an operation in Ukraine.

Their goal was to establish a stronghold in Irpin and launch an operation to occupy Kiev.

Russian forces launched a massive offensive in the city to retake Irpin. In fact, they have made the city almost uninhabitable.

Most of Irpin’s residents fled the city after the Russian invasion. Most of those who were in town were old or very ill. Water due to Russian attack. A small number of residents were living in the city without gas and electricity.

Source: The Guardian

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