New Delhi: US President Joe Biden’s Deputy National Security Adviser on Economic Affairs Dalip Singh will visit New Delhi. During the visit, he will discuss Russia’s war against Ukraine. The diplomat will also meet with Indian government officials to build an economic framework for the Indo-Pacific.

The White House issued a statement on Tuesday (March 29th), according to Reuters. It has been reported there. Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is also planning a visit to India.

India calls for immediate ceasefire in Ukraine But they have refused to explicitly condemn Russia’s move. New Delhi has also refrained from voting on multiple UN resolutions on the war.

The White House said in a statement that Dalip Singh would hold close consultations with India on the consequences of Russia’s “irrational war” against Ukraine and its impact on the global economy.

Earlier in the week, US President Biden had said that India was the only group in the quad group to be hesitant against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The South Asian country is trying to balance its relations with Russia and the Western world. But other members of the Quad Group (United States, Japan, Australia) have taken a direct stand against Russia.

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