Ukrainian officials fear large-scale tank and artillery battles. Ukraine’s foreign minister says the fighting will “remind us of World War II”. This information has come up in a report of the US media Wall Street Journal.

Russia and Ukraine have been increasing their military presence in eastern Ukraine since the beginning of the week. Locals are also fleeing the area as Russian military operations intensify in the region.

Russia’s main military goal now is to occupy the eastern part of the Donbass region of Ukraine.

The upcoming war will not be like the first stage of six weeks. Tanks, cannons and warplanes will also be used this time. And in this case, Russia is in an advantageous position.

Meanwhile, Russian tanks and artillery units and troops withdrawn from Kiev are beginning to gather. Footage from Russian military television has been broadcast.

The television also said that preparations were being made for an attack.

Ukraine has also begun sending troops from the north to Donbass following the withdrawal of Russian troops.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called for an emergency

Sporadic clashes are taking place every day in and around the Donbass connection line. Russian troops are trying to advance south of Izumi.

Western and Ukrainian officials say it is up to Russia to decide when a major offensive will begin.

According to them, Russia may launch an attack with the deployed troops. Or it could take weeks to rebuild a failed army in northern Ukraine.

Ukrainian officials also say Moscow will not give up on the occupation of Donbass. Putin wants to destroy the best units in Ukraine in the battle of Donbass. Then they will try to occupy the whole country, including Kiev.

Ahead of the new phase of the conflict, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called for urgent cooperation. He warned that Moscow had not given up hope of occupying Ukraine.

In his words, ‘Russia can still live in confusion, new weapons and armies can gather on our soil. Which means we need more sanctions and more weapons for our country. ”

U.S. javelin missiles have been shown to be effective in deterring Russian forces

Russia has launched air strikes on Ukrainian railway stations to disrupt military deployments in Ukraine. Ukraine claims at least 58 people were killed in a missile strike on Friday.

However, Moscow has denied the attack. On Sunday, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov claimed that four Ukrainian S-300 launchers in a hangar in the city of Dinipro had been destroyed by a missile attack from the sea. Twenty-five army members were also injured in the incident.

Ukrainian-controlled Donetsk and Luhansk authorities have urged civilians to leave the region quickly. Special trains and buses have been arranged to evacuate the locals.

Russia launched a series of missile strikes on Sunday (April 10th) in the Dnipropetrovsk region west of Donbass. It destroyed an airport terminal and another infrastructure in the town of Donipro, and an industrial facility in the town of Pavlohrad. The regional administration has demanded that.

The governor of Kharkiv said Ukrainian troops had destroyed a column of Russian troops heading to the town of Izim at midnight. No independent media has been able to confirm the veracity of these claims.

Russia’s initial goal of capturing Kiev and the northern Ukrainian cities failed in late March.

Light and portable missiles, such as the Javelin, provided by the United States and its European allies, have played a key role in Ukraine’s success. The contribution of the Turkish-built drone ‘Bayraktar TB2’ was also significant.

According to Ukrainian and Western officials, tactical groups of Russian troops withdrawing from northern Ukraine have suffered heavy casualties. It will not be possible to re-deploy them to the Donbass area any time soon.

A senior Pentagon official said: “We’ve seen a number of units completely wiped out. Russia is trying to make up for the shortfall by deploying 60,000 troops in its reserves.

A U.S. official says Moscow has given General Alexander Dvornikov responsibility for conducting military operations before the impending attack.

In the early days of the war, when Russia attacked from different directions, the four military districts were run separately.

Ukrainian troops patrol the Donetsk region

Military analysts say there is a lack of coordination. As a result, Russia has suffered in the war.

However, Moscow has not officially announced the appointment of General Dvornikov as commander.

Ukrainian and Western military officials say the strategic situation on the Donbass battlefield is favorable for Russia. Russia’s supply line is not long here. Russia will be able to use its air support more effectively as the area of ​​operation increases.

As the nature of the war changes, it will not be possible for Ukraine to deal with the huge Russian forces with small units. That’s why Kiev urgently wants heavy weapons. The list includes cannons, tanks, anti-aircraft batteries, etc. These weapons have not yet been delivered to Ukraine by Western allies.

Dmitry Kuleva, Ukraine’s foreign minister, said after a meeting with NATO ministers last week that the Donbass battle would remind him of World War II. Huge expeditions and tactics, thousands of tanks, armored vehicles, warplanes and artillery will participate in this battle. Looking at Russia’s preparations, it seems that this will not be a local operation.

“You have to cooperate with us now,” he told NATO ministers. I’m not talking about the week, I’m talking about the day. Otherwise many people will lose their lives.

Source: The Wall Street Journal