Moscow is being blamed for escalating the global food crisis over Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. It is alleged that the bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a rally in Moscow. The situation has also been aggravated by the shortage of food grains in Kiev. A report by the AFP news agency said.

Speaking at a news conference after chairing a meeting of EU foreign ministers, Joseph Borrell said: “At present, they (Russia) are the main cause of food shortages in the world. Because of the bombings in various cities in Ukraine and the cut off of food supplies from the country, the food crisis in the world seems to be increasing a lot.

Meanwhile, Britain wants to verify Russia’s claim of chemical attack on Mariupol. British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss wrote on Twitter: “There are reports that Russian forces have carried out chemical attacks on the people of Mariupol. “We are working with our partners to investigate this in detail. Any use of such weapons would only exacerbate the conflict and we would hold Putin and his government accountable.”