Before the war, Russia was a major partner in Ukraine’s import trade. But this year’s war has changed everything. Ukraine will no longer buy goods from Russia, the country’s finance ministry has said.

Russia launched a special military operation in Ukraine in the last half of February this year. At the outset of the war, Russia-Ukraine trade ebbed. Ukraine imports 6 billion worth of goods from Russia each year.

However, Ukrainian Finance Minister Yulia Suvridenko said on Saturday (April 9th) that “from today on, we will not engage in any kind of trade with Russia.” We can’t have any kind of relationship with an oppressive country. ‘

“From now on, no products of the Russian Federation will enter our country’s borders,” the minister said on his Facebook status.

However, Russia’s trade relations with Ukraine have been unannounced since the war. However, this time the issue was finally formalized by the announcement of the Finance Minister himself.

Referring to Russia as an enemy, the finance minister said: “Russia will pay for the war with our money, it will attack us – it is unacceptable. We will not give that opportunity to Russia.

Since the beginning of the war, Ukraine has been urging Western nations to boycott Russian goods. Hundreds of sanctions have already been imposed on Russia in response to Ukraine’s call. But with Europe dependent on Russia for oil and gas, the question is how long the sanctions will last.

Source: Reuters

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