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Qatar 2022 World Cup: how much does the Cup weigh and who can touch it

The most precious trophy in the world of football will visit the 32 participating countries and there are only a privileged few who know its weight and can lift it.

The next World Cup in Qatar is getting closer and closer and there are 832 players from the 32 teams that want to lift the Cup in an event that promises to make people talk about the opulence of the Qatari sheikhs.

This trophy, which is awarded every four years and leaves its conquerors in history , will be exhibited in our country between October 25 and 27, as part of the trophy tour organized by FIFA. There only a few will have the chance to raise it, we are talking about the champions of 78 and 86.

The most desired trophy by soccer lovers is made of 18-carat gold with a malachite base and represents two human figures holding the Earth. The trophy is 36 cm high, weighs 4.97 kg.

It was sculpted by Silvio Gazzaniga in 1971, who baptized it as Roteiro, in honor of the trips between nations that are winners, these names are written on the gold base. There is room for 17 winners and each of the prints is written in the language of the winning country. However, there is only room left for three new champions. For the 100th anniversary of the Cup, in 2030, a new medal would be needed or the base of the current one would be expanded

Let us remember that it was created after the original cup called ” Jules Rimet Trophy” (in honor of FIFA President Jules Rimet, who collaborated to create the competition) was stolen in 1966. As a result of this criminal act, FIFA took the measure security to create a replica of the trophy, which was used in 1970.

The champion of the World Cup in Mexico that year was Brazil and acquired the right to keep the royal trophy in perpetuity, since in 1930 Rimet himself decreed that the first country to win the World Cup three times would permanently retain the Trophy. After this event, a robbery took place in Brazil and the original cup could never be found. Some versions suggest that the criminals melted the gold.

When the tournament ends and the footballers raise the FIFA World Cup , they raise the real one during the celebration, but take home a replica , also made of gold. As the years go by, these privileged few are the only people who can raise it again in later years.

According to the statute, only the teams that won the tournament and the Heads of State can touch it. In our country there are 43 privileged people who have the privilege of being able to lift it, by winning the ’78 and ’86 World Cups. In these tournaments there were 22 registered in each one and Passarella was the only one who raised it twice.

Recall that the 2022 edition of the World Cup tour will make stops in 51 countries and territories . The goal of the organizers is that by 2030 the trophy will have passed through all 211 FIFA member federations.

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