According to the emergency authorities of the municipality, the rains accompanied by strong winds left affected, flooded houses and collapsed roads.

Nicky Madronero of the Puerto Asís Risk Management Unit delivered a preliminary assessment of the situation.

“The information is being compiled to know the total damages, but so far we have 85 affected families, collapsed roads three, homes affected by water currents, “said Madroñero.

The emergencies were attended by the emergency agencies of the Puerto Asís mayor’s office, the Army, Fire and Civil Defense.

At the site, the men supported the community in repair of roofs, the movement of belongings and the extraction of water from homes that were affected by the natural phenomenon that hit the commercial capital of Putumayo.

Today, the work to support citizens will continue and from the Risk Management Office, supported by the presidents of the Community Action Boards, they will continue to carry out the censuses of the people and families that suffered damages.