Inter Milan’s Argentine star Lautaro Martinez is in rhythm this season. He has scored 16 goals this year, more than any other footballer in the world. Several clubs are looking to get this Martinez in great form. However, his agent Alejandro Camaano has stated that Martinez has no intention of changing clubs for the time being.

English club Arsenal are keen to get Martinez. Another English club, Tottenham Hotspurs, also ran. However, Martinez’s agent dismissed rumors of a change of team. “We are not thinking about transfer,” Kamano said in an interview with Uruguayan radio station Radio Colonia. He is quite happy in Inter. The city is awesome too. Occasionally the media spreads rumors that Lautaro wants to leave Inter, which gives people joy. ‘

Martinez is playing great in Italy. Therefore, Martinez does not want to take any risk to leave Italy, said Kamano. He thinks that going to the English Premier League at this time could be a wrong decision for him. Currently, Martinez’s main goal is to help Inter Milan win the Serie A title.