NEW YORK – Vladimir Guerrero Jr., sitting shirtless in front of his locker at the Yankee Stadium spectator club, with his right finger wrapped in thick white tape from PIP to the tip of his finger. Rolling a stone with his phone.

He returned to a golf cart from the medical room just opposite, where he had used two stitches to close an open wound on Guerrero’s finger a few hours earlier by Dr. Aaron Hicks’ left clit. On the televisions above, Yes’s post-match show began airing highlights of the Toronto Blue Jays’ 6-4 win over the New York Yankees on Wednesday, which you may have heard that Guerrero had some influence. Employment is another game on a long list of top games in a rich career that has just begun.

Injured Guerrero’s first home of the night, outside the second field he saw the start from the Yankees. Guerrero looked at his phone. He is still conservative, but he is paying attention now.

Pizza. Guerrero’s hand slips into Hicks’ hand as the first man uses his bare hands to balance while catching the ball in the dirt. A quick cut to Guerrero, a red spot in the pocket of his pants, he walks silently to Blue Jess’s lap in search of help, his wounds bleeding profusely.

“He was bleeding profusely,” said Charlie Montoya, Blue Jess manager. “I was in this Rocky movie: ‘Cut me, Mick – I’m bleeding!'”

Through all of this, while Blue Jays coach Jose Minstrel and Von Chong worked hard to stop the blood flow and encircle the area, Guerrero kept repeating the same thing over and over again. I’m not getting out of this game, Charlie. I will not quit this game.

“I don’t want to get you out of the game!” Montoya then screamed and laughed. “You have to give him a lot of credit. A lot of people will come out, you know? ”

“I have seen a lot of blood. But I was waiting for the coaches to let me work, what they could do, if they could stop the bleeding. And they did. So they deserve a lot of credit. We never talk about coaches. But apart from Vlady, the coaches are the best. ” Today’s players.

Break down A second shot from Cole was broadcast on club television, a ridiculous and instinctive strike where Guerrero quickly pulled his hand to the ball for 98 miles per hour to run six inches off the board under his belt, which led to the left back wall. Bull field

Guerrero will tell you that his plan against Cole was to find a good place to hit him. The first was. But that was not the second. Not even to say the least. Ordinary heaters could not reach that degree, let’s take that flight. Even good heaters can’t. Give it back a thousand times and Cole probably won’t throw it any other way. It’s just a special ability that you have or don’t have. And Guerrero is probably the only player in the game who owns it.

“I was trying to respond,” Guerrero said. “I mean, when you’re there, you don’t really have to worry about a location, especially there. All I did was look at the pitch and respond. ”

Montoya would kill herself a little. Not like Vladimir. No one hits like Vladi. But he has endured nearly 900 hits in his short league career. He imagines that he beheaded a fan trying to get his racket with this thing.

“Anyone who knows baseball and has seen what he did tonight knows it’s just impressive. It was an indoor fastball, one of the best baseball pitchers in ’98, “said Montoya. Like, it’s not easy. If I killed someone like this, I would kill him. Even if you get there. ”

The piece still sees post-match highlights without expression from his outfit, Guerrero finds himself gaining a third hit from Cole in the sixth – double – after falling behind, 0-2, lowering his swing, and flicking another 98mph heater at a field-related angle. . Even Cole – one of the best shooters on the planet, you may have heard – had to press his hat afterwards. Guerrero did not see the hint at the time. Someone showed him it on their phone after the match. She said it was very elegant. Cole was no less happy.

“I mean, did you see it last night?” Cole said, upset. “If you had a lid, you would turn it upside down. And after that you got better. God’s curse. ”

I’ve gotten better since the pop. Homer’s third out of Guerrero’s barrel, this time in the eighth inning, was Jonathan Loesiga, a very embarrassing right-handed man who dropped three homers in 2021 at 70.2 laps. Outside the 95-mile hour soaked in the center – Loesiga bread and butter pitch for right-handed heaters.

Some facts. Loesiga has thrown 363 heaters off the board or right-handed hitters in his five-season career. Only one of them – near Tria Turner in 2020 – was out of the park before Wednesday night. There have been only four bombings due to the extra bases. The things that Guerrero does are not normal.

Yankees first team captain Anthony Rizzo said, “When that swing starts, it’s 6” before falling behind. “She is OK. It doesn’t matter who is standing on the hill, which pitch is being thrown. He puts those swings on a really good pitch. And when the boys do it, it’s not fun when you’re on the other side. Him. ”

Wait – go back to Guerrero in his locker. He stops looking around at the top of Cole’s hat for a while, turns his gaze back on his phone, and sends you out when you’re the best hitter alive and spends your nights setting fire to the baseball world.

On top of that, the highlight is over. Box scores read Blue Jess 6 and Yankees 4. Guerrero’s streak has been marked: 3 racks for 4 wickets, a double, three runs, four RBIs. It was then quickly replaced on screen by a clip of Yankees manager Aaron Boone’s next game compression tool.

“It’s a blow from another world,” Boone said. “One of the best hitters in the world.”

There is no argument about it. What Guerrero did in the Bronx on Wednesday was amazing, intriguing and engrossing. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from. If you don’t answer these questions, it doesn’t matter. Guerrero’s night was an unimaginable theater from moment to moment.

Zombie, existence, determined to carry with a hole in his hand. Moments, celebrations, and intentional running around the rules. Late at night he fished in the gauntlet of his first big baseman, Josh Donaldson’s 108-mile-hour liner that seemed to magnetize him, just moments after Monteiro coach Luis Rivera and the Blue Jays were called to Guerrero from the bench. A little to his right.

What a night; What players; What an incredible sight. Little did he know, however, that 30 minutes after his last departure, he saw her shirtless in front of his clothes, his right ring finger stuck tightly, amber-tipped dreadlocks flowing from the back of his head, scrolling through the current. The best heater on the phone planet, a unique and innate talent, enjoying a quiet moment after a long day at work. A brief moment to sit down with yourself, think and send a message to an important person. Before he can collect his belongings and return to his hotel, where sometime tomorrow, he will wake up to do it again.

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