This Thursday, the Bogota Metro is getting closer with the signing of the financing agreement between claudia lopez and Ivan Duke for Line 2 of the Metro, in which the Government will finance 70% of the work and the District the rest and for which more than $34.9 billion for its construction.

This was confirmed in an interview with 10AM, by Mayor Claudia López, who thanked President Iván Duque for the financing for the construction of Line 2 of the Metrowhich will be underground and inaugurated in 2032.

The mayor said she understood the pain of Petro and what is “political pettiness come and throw the other”, for which he assured that he is going to propose that he help carry out the Northern Regiotram and the third line of the Metro that will start in Soacha.

“It is political pettiness throw away what the other did, but Petro asked to review the project well and the costs it really has,” he said.

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The mayor assured that she has achieved recover 85% of the demand for transmilenio which had a deficit pandemic of COVID-19for which he considers that he recalled the proposal that he presented with Asocapitales that the Government establish a National law that finances 30% and the cities 70% of the country’s mass transportation systems, so that they can move forward and not fall in bankrupt.